Suryashtanga Yoga (English) - all levels
11 décembre (mardi) à 17h15

10 places libres

Durée du cours
1 heure
5333 av. Casgrain studio 424
It is recommended to bring your own yoga mat.
In case you do not have one, it will be possible to:
  • buy a simple, eco mat at $ 27 + taxes (instead of $ 32 + taxes regular prize)
  • buy a thicker, non-slip, double color eco mat at $ 50 + taxes (instead of $ 69 + taxes regular prize)
  • to rent a mat for the class for $ 2,50 taxes included.
Suryashtanga Yoga aims to harmonize and balance all practitioners, adapting to the capacities and needs of everyone, even conforming to seasonal or daily changes.

Breath awareness allows one to easily appease physical and emotional tensions.  Practice creates inner space within the body to facilitate energy circulation, as well as in the mind by letting go of stress accumulated in our daily lives.

Suryashtanga Yoga roots itself in tradition and adapts to our modern challenges: we are often caught in a hectic race and struggle to find time. In this yoga, postures are specially selected and practiced in order to multiply their quality, thus benefits, and not their quantity.  The key ideas here are “necessary and sufficient” and “less is more”.

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